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-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Roaring River

Eleanor had a short nap on Friday afternoon and then we headed out for Roaring River for my birthday weekend! 
The weather was beautiful and we set up camp like we knew what we were doing.  Haha.  

We went exploring and investigated the hatchery and spring that feeds the river.  Eleanor's cup leaked during the 2 minute drive across the highway and she found it so entertaining that she just let the entire cup of apple juice ooze onto her pants.  By the time we got her out of the car seat, the only option was going pantless. So I put her in the Ergo and wore her around.  She was interested in all the fish, but really wanted to walk.  The spring that runs the hatchery and feed into the river was amazing.   Eleanor was not impressed.  Case in point: 
I wanted to make the short (but steep) hike to this lookout point.  Eleanor's vocal protests and lack of pants kept us from doing it. 
Back to camp, where she ran around half naked while I found her another pair of britches.  Representing Arkansas like a pro...

I know I posted pictures of the inside of the camper from our first trip, but I got new decoration stuff for my birthday and had to share.  

Blowing bubbles with Daddy.  
 I took Eleanor down to the creek that ran right behind our campsite and taught her to throw rocks.  Drew grabbed the camera. 

 Eating dirt? 
Saturday morning was full of hopes for a day of trout fishing.  I mean, y'all, the hatchery is RIGHT THERE and you can literally see the fish swimming around in front of you.  How hard could it be?  (famous last words)  A word of advise to anyone who thinks that they might want to take a toddler trout fishing.  JUST DON'T.  Remember how I taught her to throw rocks in the creek the day before?  Yeah, try explaining to a toddler why you can't throw rocks into the river where everyone is fishing.  It's impossible.  She will revolt and momma will struggle to recall why this ever seemed like a good idea.  We walked down to a playground while Daddy fished for an hour.  It was a less than idealic morning, but we survived and managed to take this selfie in the process.  
I also had high expectations for Eleanor's nap time.  I would lay her down in the camper, where she would nap to the sounds of nature while Drew went fishing and I would just sit in the shade and read my book.  Drew did go fishing and I did start reading this fantastic book, but Eleanor stood, bounced, squealed, and talked in her pack-n-play for nearly two hours and never once laid down or nodded off.  My relaxing afternoon of reading had a different soundtrack than I anticipated, but that's okay.  (I'll definitely have more to share about this book soon.) 
 When I finally called naptime a fail, Eleanor and I took a walk around our campground.  It was quite large and we had fun exploring.  Since the first half of the day had been such a bust, I made a real effort to slow down and go at Eleanor's pace.  I pulled her in the wagon until she got tired of that, then I let her dance down the road, pull the wagon and push the wagon as she explored.  Then I'd put her back in the wagon for a while and we'd do it all over again.  Cell phone video:
We came back to our campsite to find Daddy back from fishing.  Because he's awesome, he suggested we take Eleanor's britches off and let her wade in the water of the creek.  She was in heaven.  HEAVEN.  This is why little girls need a daddy. 

 Video from the good camera.  It's worth watching, just to see her smile and hear her laugh. 
Look who showed up to spend the evening with us!  We took the kids to see the hatchery and Misty talked everyone into going up the trail to the lookout!  Yay!  (Actually, she declared we were doing it, took off walking and we all followed.  She's the boss.)  Also, she carried Eleanor up the side of the bluff.  I helped a little, but she did the bulk of the wrangling & hauling. (Good thing we bought that hiking backpack that we left back at camp, right?)
 Proof that we were at the top! 

 We spent the evening around the campfire and had the best time.  It was a great weekend and I'm excited to camp there again this summer.  

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