"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Have I mentioned how much I love the sunshine and warm temperature?  Well, I do.  We've been enjoying the heck out of it and that almost makes me not feel annoyed that stormy weather could mess up our weekend camping plans.  We'll worry about that if we have to.  Until then... pictures. 
Last Friday Eleanor and I spent hours in the front yard, clearing old mulch from the flower beds, trimming back shrubs, and putting down new mulch.  She was bored with the wagon, so I pulled down the sled.  Poor kid got this sled from Nonnie for her first Christmas and it hasn't snowed for us to ever use it.  Know what?  It pulls pretty well through the grass and Eleanor thought it was awesome.  When Drew pulled up and saw me pulling her through the front yard, I thought he was going to drive off the road laughing.  (Also, I got the front beds done and they look so nice and fresh.  I'm awesome.  Also, I forgot to wear sunscreen and got my first decent sunburn of the year.  Oops.) 
 On Saturday morning Drew did yard work while Eleanor and I went to pick up some special cookies that my friend Daila made.  She's awesome, the cookies are beautiful & delicious.  If you have a need for custom cakes or cookies and you're in our NWA area, I'd be so happy to get you in touch with her. 
 Getting kisses from my girl. 
 If you're looking for a new hair product, Eleanor would like to suggest Country Crock spread.  It's nice and greasy and nearly impossible to get out. 
Y'all, she's jumping now.  Since she's realized she can actually get off the ground, she just bounces everywhere.  I'm biased, but I think it's the cutest thing she's done to date.  If you aren't sitting at a computer so that you can watch this video, you should be. 

 When I walked into the house the other day I had a moment.  You know, a "moment".  The kind of moment when you realize that life is pretty cool and you don't want to forget it.  So I stopped and took a picture of my messy, wonderful, awesome house.  I get to live here and that's pretty cool.  God is good. 
 I'm not a play dough fan.  I'm just not.  It has the potential to be a real mess (especially for a toddler who likes to eat random things and smear things in her hair).  BUT... I also know that cool sensory stuff is fun and important, so we had our first play dough session.  Eleanor was intrigued. 
 Oh, the baseball park.  I just love it.  These two girls are two of my faves.  When Kayla is around, my job is about a million times easier.  Eleanor adores her. 
 Caution: awesome video...
I dumped my compost in one of my vegetable garden beds a few weeks ago.  Today I noticed that I'm growing things.  I'm certain that a few of these are squash, but I'm not sure if they are yellow squash or zucchini.  And some of this might be tomatoes, but I'm not sure which variety.  Since last years crop was pretty much a bust, I'm planning to pull all this up and start fresh with new transplants in a few weeks. 
 Sunny days, warm weather, a outdoor loving toddler, and a Daddy at Toys R Us equals fun new things for the back yard. 
 Helping to put the playhouse together. 
 Her first golf lesson (and Mac avoiding the swing). 
When she had trouble making contact with the golf ball, she moved on to a bigger ball :)

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