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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

22 Months

Almost.  She'll actually be 22 months old tomorrow, but I'm thinking about it today.  Let's do this. 
  • 25 pounds and 32.5 inches tall
  • Wearing size 24 month clothing and still lingering between a size 4 & 5 shoe
  • Favorite book: Oh The Thinks You Can Think by Dr. Seuss.  She'll bring it to me and say, "Book read!"  We read it over and over and over until I finally say uncle and declare that I'm all read out and then she cries.  That's the current favorite, but she's a lover of most books. 
  • She's starting to sing.  Our current teeth brushing song is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, so we sing it often.  The other day I caught her playing and swaying her head and singing "tinkle tinkle!"  She also sings, "Clean up!  Clean up!" when we pick up toys or are cleaning house (or, like yesterday, pick up sticks in the back yard). 
  • Favorite words this month: Dude, alright, okay.  She uses these with frequency and she doesn't just say them, she expresses them.  She draws out the syllables and really gets her point across. When she's thinking about something or on her way to do something, she'll say, "Hmmmmmm.... Alllllllright!"  Or when she's upset and trying to talk herself down, she'll say, "okay, ooookay, okay" between cries.  When I'm frustrated with her and doing my best to be cool, I will often say, "Dude...", because I just can't think of a better (or appropriate!) thing to say.  Kayla & Braeden helped that little habit along last weekend and now Eleanor will look at us and say, "Duuuude!"  It's as if she's saying, "Come on man, really?" 
  • Runs everywhere she goes.  It's hilarious and adorable because her arms flail about as she books it to wherever she's going.  She's like Pheobe running (please tell me you know what I'm talking about, Friends fans)
  •   Image result for phoebe running
  • Continuing to pick up on new colors and shapes and other cool things that convince us she's naturally brilliant :)
  • Announces to the whole world every time she toots or burps. 
  • Gave up the bottle about a month ago.  It sort of just happened one night because we were out and about, so we just went with it.  It took about a week before she stopped asking for it, but it's definitely gone.  Of course, she won't drink milk now, so I'm giving her one Pediasure a day to make up for the fat & calories.  I'll probably ease her back into milk soon.  (The constipation thing continues to be a big issue and giving up milk for 3 weeks didn't help.  We could go a step farther and cut out ALL dairy and see if that helps.  I haven't decided yet.) 
  • Potty training stalled in January when she broke her finger and has not been a focus since.  She'll come tell me "Poop Potty!", but that often just means that she needs to toot.  She'll sit down, toot, and then say, "All done."  That's confusing for her, I know, but she's still recognizing certain feelings.  As for pee, she has no reason to use the potty because when she's wearing a diaper she stays fresh and dry.  The last few days she's been asking to go potty much more often, so today I'm letting her wear undies to see if that helps her recognize when she actually goes or needs to go.  It took approximately 2 minutes of being in undies before she peed.  She immediately realized she was peeing and was not the least bit happy about it.  She just yelled, "Mess!  Uh oh!  Mess!"  This could be the trick to potty training her.  The kid hates messes. 
  • She is suddenly concerned about everything being loud.  Things that are actually loud startle her and things that aren't loud (but make any kind of noise) still startle her and cause her to pronounce, "LOUD!" When she was first bothered by the thunder during a storm a few weeks ago we played it cool, told her what it was, and then helped her make her own thunder sound.  So now she waves her hands in the air and says, "BOOM! Thunder!" 
  • We still have days of toddler tantrums and screaming, but those seem to be coming a bit less often.  She's changing and growing and maybe (just maybe) we are figuring this toddler thing out together. 
A whole load of photos from playing outside yesterday. 

 I love this one because she's just being Eleanor.  Fiery and sassy and expressive.  Also, it looks a tiny bit like she is flipping me off. 

 Watching airplanes fly through the sky and making airplane noises. 

 Popsicle fun. 

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