"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, May 22, 2017

An Hour

Could someone please explain to Eleanor that a one hour is not an acceptable nap.  Remind her of how yesterday afternoon went after only a one hour nap.  Refresh her memory of the screaming and yelling and crying and general misery experienced by all. 
While you're at it, maybe mention that all this whining and fussing of late is not cool.  It's SO NOT COOL.  Peer pressure her.  Threaten her.  Whatever you have to do... just make the whining and crying and fussing STOP. 

Eleanor has been extra intense this past week and it's exhausting.  I may have shed a few tears over the sheer difficulty of keeping my cool with the irrational toddler of the house.  Toddlers are hard for me, y'all.  Toddler wrangling is not my parenting forte.  It's a good thing we love her so darn much.  Also, she's cute.  Seriously cute. 
Quick pictures before church yesterday.  
The peeking out the front door pictures is becoming a trend around here.  That's because it's sometimes the only way I can get her to stand still long enough for a picture.  But really, look how sweet her little dress is. 
 She had just peed in the potty and gotten a Minnie Mouse sticker for her victory.  She put it on her chin and told me she had a beard. 

People have asked her her name before and she would just stare at them.  Yesterday she patted her chest and said, "Name Eleanor".  (You have to know she's saying Eleanor to understand that's what she's saying, but it's still adorable.  It sounds more like "Nenore" when she says it.)  When she patted me and asked, "Name?" I just said "Mommy".  Drew said, "That's not your name."  To her it is!  She called her Daddy "Drew" the other day and my jaw dropped.  I swear, if this kid starts calling me Mandy then I may lose my mind.  I have a hard enough time when she just calls me Mom.  It's Mommy.  Call me Mommy.  You're a toddler.  You call me Mommy. 

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Pam said...

Does she have her 2 yr molars yet? The fussiness sounds like teething--harder to recognize in toddlers because they're no longer teething constantly--just a thought:). Love her spunky personality!