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Sunday, June 4, 2017

23 Months

She's one month away from being 2 years old, y'all.  How in the world?
This last week has been fairly miserable and if you're looking for a toddler that takes illness with grace and patience, you should look elsewhere.  She's fiery & dramatic on a happy & healthy day.  She's particularly crabby when she feels rotten!  She had a drippy nose last weekend, but nothing more than what she's experienced with allergies in the past.  Then on Monday her cheeks turned red and she didn't want to eat.  She ran a low fever for a few days and I spent tons of times at home doing nothing but surviving the fussy baby, keeping her hydrated, enjoying tons of snuggles, and trying to be patient.  We thought she was feeling better on Wednesday, but then she woke up at 11pm Wednesday night running a 102 fever and acting so pitiful.  Ibuprofen and some snuggles got her back to bed and she slept until 7am when she woke up with a 104 fever.  All she could do was just lay there and whimper.  (Hello PTSD trigger and flashbacks of days with Alex & Emma.  Repeat after me: Eleanor is a healthy kid that is able to fight off and recover from a simple illness. God is good.  This we know.)  Still, 104 is high, so I called the doctor and got her right in.  Verdict: what was a virus resulted in her very first ear infection.  This has been zero amounts of fun and it's taken her much longer to recover than we expected.  She's just been so tired and whiny.  She's slept a lot, falling asleep in my arms at random times which NEVER happens.  The snuggles were lovely, but I miss my sassy, happy girl.  For days she's 1) cried to eat 2) been given whatever she wanted to eat 3) refused to eat & cried that I had suggested it.  Oh, and now she has what I assume to be a post-viral rash all over her trunk and face.  (I thought it might be an amoxicillin reaction, but she had amoxicillin after her finger break and had no reaction.)  Poor baby, she's really been so pitiful and my patience is stretched so thin that I'm surely not winning any parenting awards this week.  Each day I give thanks for her ability to bounce back, pray that the next day will be better, and ask forgiveness for getting so frustrated over it all.

The 23 month round up:
  • weighed 23 lbs 8 oz (at the doctor on Thursday when she was sick) 
  • Wears a 24 month clothing and size 5 shoe (some 2T sizes work, but most are just a tad too big for now)
  • Has fantastically curly hair that's suddenly growing quite a lot.
  • Favorite book:  The Little Golden Book Bible (From Adam & Eve to Jesus, she's a fan.  She's particularly concerned over the illustration of John the Baptist baptizing Jesus in the river.)  
  • Still loves to be outside and chooses the swing over all other back yard activities.  Oh, and she wants me to sing songs while I push her in the swing.  Number one request: "Bingo was his name-o", which she specifies by waving her hands, bobbing her head, saying "song", and singing "E I E I E I!"
  • She's becoming a camping & hiking pro. 
  • She's a pretty picky eater lately and calls everything a "snack".  She'll nearly always eat cheese.  We have learned that she'll eat pretty much anything if it comes in a pouch.  That's the only way she eats any vegetables at all these days.  
  • Thinks that everything is "Loud!", which is especially ironic considering how loud she is herself.  
  • Continues to be an awesome sleeper at night, sleeping a solid 12 hours.  Naps vary, but generally are about 2 hours in the afternoon.  She'll gather her pacifier, blanket, and Minnie Mouse when she gets tired and tell you, "Nap. Bed. Sleep.  Night night. Yeah."  
I don't have any awesome photos to share today, since the last week has been so sickly.  That's real life, though, so that's what I'll share. 
 What 104 fever looks like.  I stripped her clothes and gave her a cold drink in hopes that it would come down at least a little.  I didn't. 
 Post-doctor visit. 

 Our friend Haley dropped off a bag of hand-me-downs on Friday and these jewels were among the loot.  Eleanor was quite thrilled.  Sparkly slippers with flowers on the toes. 
 Saturday afternoon.  Finally a bit of a smile! 
 Being silly. 
 Nonnie kept Eleanor for a few hours so that Drew and I could keep our couples massage appointments to celebrate our 17th anniversary!  Drew's only had a few massages in his whole life and after yesterday's massage he declared that he's willing to drive his truck forever if it means affording a monthly massage.  Lol. 
Eleanor did okay with Nonnie, but was just so tired and irritable that we decided taking her to Sunday morning church wasn't a great plan, so we stayed home.  I made her favorite breakfast before she woke up, hoping to get some calories in her and help her regain some energy.  When I was changing her diaper I told her I made sausage & eggs and she was so happy.  Then she refused to eat it, transferred it all from her plate to the "no thank you" part of her tray, and cried to get down.  30 minutes later we did it all over again.  30 minutes later we did it one more time.  She did eventually eat a bit of it and I consider that a decent sign that she's on the mend.  She's drinking enough to stay hydrated, and that's most important for now. 
 We played outside in the sunshine for a while this morning (AKA: I pushed Eleanor in the swing for half an hour) and that seemed to perk her up some and then wear her out.  Slowly but surely, she's regaining her strength.  We sat on the back porch with Daddy for a bit and brainstormed our next outdoor project to make the back yard even better for family time and entertaining.  Mac helped (he's such a princess). 

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