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Friday, June 16, 2017

Devils Den

My goodness, it's been 10 days since my last post.  I don't usually go so long, but we've been busy!  I have TONS of photos to share, so I'll break it all up into several posts.  Here we go. 
Last weekend we camped at Devils Den and the weather couldn't have been any more perfect.  Our first trip to Devils Den this year was oh so cold & rainy and that prevented us from doing much while we were there.  Drew camped there a lot as a kid, but my family didn't (we always camped at the lake), so it's all new to me and I had a lot of fun exploring some new trails and enjoying the weekend with my people.  Nature is beautiful, my people are awesome, I have an great camera, and I want to remember every moment... so I take photos.  So many photos. 
Friday night.  I wore contacts on Friday, which I never do, but I wanted to wear sunglasses.  Eleanor was really concerned over my eyes and where my glasses were.  I'm with her.  I feel more like me when I'm wearing my glasses.  Even so, I love this picture.  Geez, I love this guy. 
 We finally remembered to take the tailgating tent and having it over the picnic table made the whole camp set up feel more comfortable and complete.  Also, the camper is still awesome. 
 Saturday's hike was about 3 miles and included the Lake trail that led us from our campsite to the Devils Den trail head, the DD trail loop, and then back to the campsite.  This hike wasn't quite as intense as our hike at Buffalo Point last month, but I would also say that we're getting better at this.  I can't even believe how much we are enjoying this.   
Because it was Saturday and the trail was quite busy, we stopped to help someone take a picture of their entire group and they returned the favor.  Happy, happy. 
 Drew's awesome.  Eleanor LOVES being in the hiking backpack and Drew stops periodically to let her touch things and investigate.  This time she was especially interested in the moss that grows on the rocks. 

 Eleanor spotted a bench in the woods.  You know she HAS to stop and sit on every bench.  "Daddy, sit!" 
 She adores him. 
 We were here. 

We took a slightly different route back to the campsite so we that we could stop at the food truck for popsicles. 

 She's a Daddy's girl lately and he's eating it up. 

 Later that day... playing in the creek. 
 These Keen shoes we got her have been fantastic and they were worth every penny.  She especially loves getting them wet. 

 "Daddy, sit!"  He stacked two big rocks so he could sit by her in the water.  (Note my toes in the picture... proof that I was there!) 
 Skipping rocks is fun, but it can get tricky.  Poor kid, aside from putting straight ice on her head, the only ice pack I could come up with with a Daly's frozen mixed drink (that I didn't freeze well enough beforehand and was just a pouch of really cold liquid).  It worked great, there was no knot or bruise and nobody is any worse for the wear. 
Did you know that campground squirrels are daring little fellas?  They are so used to people and swiping a snack whenever they can, that you really have to be careful.  Well, guess what happened Saturday night?  I accidentally left Eleanor's sippy cup on the picnic table when we went to bed.  When I came out of the camper Sunday morning I was greeted by Mr. Squirrel, who quickly scampered away, leaving poop on our table.  Then I spotted something purple laying at the base of a tree about 15 feet away.  Seriously, that squirrel had dragged her cup all the way over there and ate the top out of it!  Lesson learned. 
Know what other lesson was learned?  Eleanor's skin REALLY doesn't like bug spray.  It's the first weekend that we've had to use it and her skin broke out in a bumpy red rash everywhere we sprayed it.  It's been nearly a week and she still has the remnants of the rash.  I'm not sure what we're going to do for  bug protection from now on.  Anyone have any recommendations for bug protection that doesn't include deet? 

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try Skin so Soft from Avon.