"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, June 29, 2017

That's a wrap

The first few days of this week's swim lessons went so well that I let myself slip back into that "oh, this is such a lovely memory maker" mindset.  I had visions of our last day of lessons being fun & victorious as we wrapped things up with a bang.  Nope.  Eleanor was in a mood.  I was in a mood.  The water was (still) freezing cold.  This morning Eleanor walked down the first two steps and when the water hit her little thighs, she started backing up.  We weren't in the pool 5 minutes before she declared "all done" and pretty well refused to do anything.  Just to be clear, she also signed "all done" over and over.  She didn't even want to climb out of the pool, apparently deciding that the pain of scratching up your arms & legs on the concrete wasn't actually worth it.  When I put her on the side of the pool, she just hung there and refused to even try to climb out.  The instructor bribed her with the promise of a sucker to get her to blow bubbles, to which Eleanor gave one short blow of air in the general direction of the water and then said, "All done.  Sucker."  The next 20 minutes were spent trying to coerce her into doing anything while trying to convince her that the sucker wouldn't come until after the lesson.  You know what happened then?  The instructor forgot to bring the suckers to the little pool we were in.  Try explaining to 10 toddlers that they have to walk across the water park to get their suckers at the life guard station.  Everybody panic! 
I'm glad we've wrapped up this summer's swim lessons.  I am thankful for the few tricks and tips we learned and hope to use those things to help Eleanor along and be ready for another session of lessons next summer. 
Some friends of ours recently bought Saladmaster pots & pans and they lured us into attending a demonstration dinner so they could get a discount.  I didn't mind helping them out, because that's how I bought an absurdly expensive vacuum cleaner that I immediately had buyers remorse over and feel obligated to keep until I die.  All wee I kept asking Drew, "They know we aren't buying anything, right?"  We decided to make it a date night, hired a sitter for Eleanor, and enjoyed an evening with friends.  
 I didn't even know what Saladmaster was, but I can now tell you that they are fancy pots, pans, skillets, bowls, and a food processor that cost more than some vehicles I've owned.  I have issues telling people no, but we had to.  I don't like to hurt anybody's feelings or make anyone feel rejected, so all too often I take those feelings upon myself and do what I can to ease the situation.  That being said, I don't like to feel pressured, and the main way they sell this stuff is to pressure you.  Sorry, dude.  Not happening.  It was really nice stuff and I'm sure it'd be nice to have, but no.  My favorite part of the evening was when he finally told us the prices (and my jaw dropped!) and then he said, "Which one of these packages would you feel most comfortable with?"  I told him that I wasn't comfortable spending that much money, to which he pointed out the "monthly investment" option (AKA financing).  I told him that I don't like to buy something that I can't pay for.  His quip?  "You said you eat out a few times a week.  If you stopped eating out then you could invest that money into these products."  By that point I was annoyed and said, "I see how that line could help you make a sale, but by that same reasoning, I could just stop eating out and save the money."  He didn't have anything else after that.  Aside from having to say no multiple times, it was a fun evening with friends.  We laughed and cut up and enjoyed a nice meal.  We had an extra hour before we had to be home, so Drew & I played a round of mini golf (ask Drew who won) and had a snow cone.  I mean, we could have skipped the snow cones and "invested" that $5 toward pots & pans, but life is short and I like the pots & pans I have. 

 Just another snap shot from our week of swimming.  She's cute, I'll give her that. 
 My squash is doing great this year and I even have one cucumber!  It's my first ever cucumber, and it may be my last.  The plant had so much damage from the cucumber beetles and so I decided to prune it back and remove some of the damage.  That may not have been worth the effort, because the plant is looking pretty pitiful.  We'll see. 
 Julie brought us some leftover wedding cake and Eleanor was quite enthusiastic about it. 
It's hot out today and I guess Mac decided I wasn't letting them inside fast enough, because he jumped through the panels of my garden, crawled under that back side of the fence, and scratched at the front door to be let in.  It is nearly the 4th of July and history tells us that Mac is due for one or more good escapes this time of year.  He and Foose both just sprawled out in the floor to cool off and relax. 

The garden panel has (hopefully) been fixed to keep them in.  They don't stay out much longer than is necessary anyway, and we've planned our holiday weekend plans around being at home with them in the evenings when fireworks are likely to be going off.  Fingers crossed that there won't be any escapes or panicking dog incidents this year. 

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