"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Saturday, July 29, 2017


Arvest Ball Park fun.

 This little girl is growing up.  She starts middle school in just a couple of weeks and I'm afraid she's about to outgrow all these little things like holding her Uncle Drew's hand in public.  (Full disclosure: About 60 seconds after this, he gave her $4 for a snow cone.) 
 Aunt Misty for the win.  She helped Eleanor escape stadium seating and too her to the grassy area to play. 

Making silly faces with Braeden

 Safe to say Eleanor is not a fan of the mascot, Strike. (Strike is a Sasquatch, but he's a happy Sasquatch.)   The closer he got, the more adamant she was about him keeping his distance.  I had my camera out to take a picture of her with him, but since that obviously wasn't going to happen, we just took a skeptical selfie. 
 I think we have a few more years of Braeden being a little boy.  He's not too cool to give his Aunt Mandy random hugs or stop for a selfie. 
 Eleanor has started this thing where she has to take random object with her when wherever she goes. (Anybody else having flashbacks to Emma?)  I draw the line on most things when it comes to bedtime, but I've decided that stuffed animals and baby dolls won't hurt anything.  She is currently napping with two baby dolls (one of whom she has named Annabelle), a giant Minnie Mouse, a little Minnie Mouse, a stuffed pigeon, a stuffed moose, and her blanket.  When we leave the house I let her take a few things.  This particular time is was my hair brush, a fidget cube, and a cotton ball. 
 This time it was two combs, a princess cup, and a Minnie Mouse push toy. 
 When we left for the baseball game yesterday evening she wanted to take the camel and the baby Jesus from her nativity set.  I said sure.  Somewhere between home and the ball park she dropped something and then exclaimed, "Jeeeee-sus!"  Don't worry, Jesus was found safely in the floor board. 
 We were out after dark the other night and she wanted to sit in the driveway and look at the moon and stars.  She's got a daddy cool enough to sit and join her. 

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