"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Stuff

The camera on my phone has gone kaput, which is real inconvenience for a gal like me who takes pictures of EVERYTHING.  It will still take a picture, but it's blurry.  Apparently it's a defect of my model of iPhone and Apple will replace it for free, but... we don't have an Apple store, so it has to be ordered by the local authorized place and could take 5-7 days to replace.  How does a person today go without a phone for a week?  Is it worth it?  I'm over due for an upgrade anyway, so maybe now is the time.  #firstworldproblems
Corbin & Eleanor 
 Peaking at the cows on the other side of the fence

 It's so hard to share.  SO HARD, but she's been getting lots of practice lately with cousins, church friends, and play dates.  Her favorite word right now is, "Eleanor's", because she really wants everyone to understand what is hers.  (Hint: Everything is hers.)  This look was from trying really really hard to not completely melt down over Corbin having a turn in her swing. 
 She wanted to give  Corbin hugs so badly, but Corbin wasn't game.  We laughed so much and finally settled for Uncle Pat hugs. 
 We haven't been meeting with our Community Group over the summer because every one's schedules are so busy, but we had a good number of them over on Sunday.  We had a great time cooking out and enjoying the back yard and new deck.
Eleanor and her friend Ben.  If they grow up and get married, we'll have early evidence of them playing house together :)
 Sand table fun (and mess). 

 Just a profile picture of my husband because I think he's handsome. 
 Guess who can climb up the slide and go back down by herself now?  It just took a cackle of other small children paying with her things to encourage her along. 
I bought this tutu for Eleanor months ago, intending it for some cute pictures for the 4th and her birthday.  I hid it so well that I forgot about it and when we discovered it in her closet this week she fell in love.  She brings it to me and says, "Tutu.  Wear it.  Dance princess."  Then she absolutely MUST hold her Daddy's hands and stand on his feet and dance like a princess.  It will melt your heart.  For real.  
 We also discovered these super cool rain boots that were too big a few months ago.  They are lady bugs, they sort of fit, and she thinks they're awesome.  I wish I had thought to take a photo when she was wearing the tutu & boots.  #stylin
So all of those photos are from the good camera, but I have one blurry phone pic I have to share.  At Eleanor's well child check up a couple of weeks ago, the doctor asked if she could take her own clothes off.  I told him she hadn't yet.  Then this happened.  She started yelling for me about 10 minutes after I laid her down for a nap and I went in to find this.  Mission partially accomplished.  She got her dress over her head, but couldn't pull her arms out once the dress was wrapped behind her. 

Last thing.  Today marks two weeks of the low carb thing and it's just so good.  Drew and I feel so much better in general.  Less icky, if you will.  I have more energy, less mood swings (it's a miracle!), and my skin is clearing up.  Seems like my body is appreciating being rid of all that sugar, bread, pasta, starch, and processed foods.  The first week there was definitely some detox going on, but this past week I just feel really good and it's so refreshing.  I'm not hungry or feeling deprived and the cravings for junk food and mindless snacking seem to be fading.  I lost 2.2 pounds in the past week, which puts me at 5.2 pounds in 2 weeks and I'm happy with that.  I don't have a weight goal to meet, I just have a "My body feels really good right here" goal.  I have the feeling that this could be a nice, steady, reasonable eating habit for us that will put our bodies in a good place and when we're ready we plan to add some healthy carbs back into our diets and see how it goes.  For now, pass the meat, eggs, cheese, and leafy greens, please. 

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