"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Pictures from the last few weeks that I haven't managed to share...
Eleanor is becoming quite the accessory queen.  She's always asking for bows or glasses or hats or shoes... or whatever else she finds that tickles her fancy. 
 How to get a vegetable refusing toddler to eat vegetables?  Put them in a smoothie!  The current concoction that she's liking is... half a banana, a strawberry, a few blueberries, a handful of spinach, a carrot, and some chia seeds.  I'm using apple or pear juice as the liquid, because getting this girl to take enough liquids without a bottle is still a super struggle.  Also, if you put it in a toddler straw cup, she won't touch it.  If I put a regular straw in the smoothie cup then she'll take sip after sip from me until she's had 6 or 8 ounces (which, as I said, is a big deal for a girl that can walk around with a sippy cup all day and not manage to drink 3 total ounces). 

 One thing I've taken an interest in doing with my extra time lately is cooking.  I don't think I'm the only person who has a handful of meals that seem to be the norm and the dinner rotation feels boring and tired.  So, I'm trying new things.  I made this broccoli beef last week and it was delicious.  I used a chuck roast that Casey & Sasha sent home with us.  I put it in the fridge to thaw one night and about noon the next day it was just the perfect amount of frozen/thawed to slice into thin strips for this recipe.  It's easily enough for 4-6 people.  Drew and I had hefty portions and we ate it two nights in a row.  Click HERE for the recipe.  Did I mention that I made this in the CROCK POT?  It was easy and delicious.  Win, win. 
 Playing drums with a comb on an old bucket.  Also, check out her shirt.  "Hand picked for Earth by my sisters in Heaven."  Love. 
 Eleanor has taken a real interest in my guitar lately.  She says "Guigar!" and is quite gentle with it.  She stands there and strums & plucks the strings and sometimes she sings & dances with it. 
 Sometimes date night is getting dressed up and making reservations.  Sometimes date night is wearing blue jeans & hoodies and going bowling.  I love this guy. 
Wholey Guacamole has these fabulous individual containers of guac that Eleanor loves (available in the refrigerated produce section at our grocery store).  I don't have to dig through the avocados and worry about using them at exactly the right moment before they go bad.  Eleanor always has a yummy treat on hand and I feel like I'm winning at life because my kid asks for "Guac!"  
 Like I said, she likes to accessorize. 

 Sometimes the accessories are more peculiar... like a sweater poncho, a pacifier, and mommy's giant hair brush... that MUST be taken with her into the AT&T store.  We're rocking this toddler thing.  (Also, she seems to have grown taller, because these overalls are suddenly too short, even when she's standing up.) 
 Snuggles with Mac. 
 It's warm but SO windy outside today.  Daddy's at the office all day, so we took advantage of the empty garage and walked around the garage until Mommy was getting nauseated from walking in circles :-)  Then we got down every basketball (I think there are 5) and rolled them around and practiced kicking. 
Potty training.  It's going.  We went full force for a few days and it actually went okay, but I'm not certain if she was being potty trained or if I was.  Know what I mean?  She is definitely asking to potty a lot (and actually doing something some of the time), but I'm also getting pretty good at anticipating an accident and rushing her to the potty.  I think that for now I'm sort of settled to semi potty training.  She can wear undies when we are home and we'll keep practicing and doing our best, but I'm not going to go all crazy on her.  If she was 3 then maybe that would be more necessary, but she's 18 months old.  I wouldn't even be thinking about this if she hadn't instigated it, so I'm going to continue to let her take the lead and encourage her in the right direction.  I think I'm more concerned about the bottle issue than the potty issue.  Like I said above, she just won't take in enough fluids via a cup (and we've tried MANY).  She is doing a bit better, but for the most part she is just taking drinks without ever drinking much volume.  She still gets a bottle of whole milk in the morning and one in the evening.  I've been trying to cut out the middle of the day bottle of water/juice, as a step in the no bottle direction.  We went a few days without it (she doesn't always ask for it) and I really pushed the cup, but then we ran in to the constipation issue again.  I think this is something she's prone to regardless, but not getting enough fluids throughout the day makes it much worse much faster.  Nobody wants that, believe me.  I feel conflicted over these silly bottles.  She doesn't need it to fall asleep.  She doesn't walk around with a bottle or have it on demand.  She has a sippy cup of water available to her all day.  She prefers to lay in my lap, drink her bottle of milk or water, and then get down and go on her way.  When I was worrying about this a few months ago, I did some reading (you know, my good friend Google) and found an article written by a doctor who explained why doctors recommend ditching the bottle at 12 months, why her own children didn't actually ditch the bottle until they were 18 and 24 months, and why that was okay.  I choose to believe this because the author was a doctor and everything we read on the internet is true.  Right?  Really though, of all parents, I should be able to remember that all children develop differently and need different things at different times.  She talked early and walked late.  She eats like a champ but doesn't like to drink.  Tit for tat and I just need to take a deep breath and go with the flow.  I keep remembering what Cheryl told me months ago... "Relax, it's not like she's going to go to college with a bottle, and constipation is to be avoided at all costs."  Yes.  YES.  I must remember this, but I'm starting to feel like she might actually go to college with a bottle.  Let's face it, she'll be 17 years old & applying to colleges, she'll still be getting a bottle & I'll still be posting monthly updates.  It's inevitable, we might as well surrender to it now.