"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, January 29, 2017


I have bunches of photos for you. Prepare. 
She climbs now. 
What is this? I have gray hair sprouting from my head in clumps like weeds in a sidewalk crack. Uncool. 
Eleanor has been obsessed with other people's boots lately, so I took her shopping for a pair of her own. Only problem... she doesn't want a pair of boots. She wants ALL the boots. We found a great sale and mutually agreed on two pairs of boots and then went for a soft pretzel. 
Last Tuesday Drew and I went to a book release party for our friend Kate. Even I, in all my social awkward glory, had a nice time seeing old friends. We were so happy to support Kate & her debut novel. 
I spent the next day accomplishing nothing but reading her book cover to cover. If you enjoy young adult literature that deals with some relevant social issues and you're looking for a good read, may I recommend After The Fall by Kate Hart. 
Did I mention she climbs? 
I had a sort of "off" week, just feeling a bit down and no doubt being a bit difficult to deal with. Drew's patience and extra effort deserves a mention. He's a keeper. 
We made Eleanor's first trip to Toys R Us just because it felt like a fun thing to do. Also, please note the boots. They are note worthy and my kid is adorable. 

This was the result of said shopping trip. She's not smiling in this picture, but let me assure you that she is quite thrilled. 
But nothing beats a good book. 
JR is playing basketball this year and it was such fun to watch him play yesterday. 
Last night we had our long awaited adults only date night with our Community Group. We have a large group with 14 adults and 12 kiddos each week. (I'm grateful for a home that allows us to host fairly often.)  The kids are great, but it was really nice to just have the grown ups and enjoy a night out. We had dinner and then went for ice cream. I nearly missed Carolyn trying to take a group photo. 
See how cool I look, running to be included? 
The best we could do. 
Later that night Haley turned a few of us into memes. 
We voted on where to go to dinner. Turns out our reservations didn't help them prepare, service was terrible and the food was less than impressive. Appropriate meme. 
This is me, being a good sport while getting picked on for being a goof ball. 
Before church this morning. She's pretty good at rolling on to her belly and sliding down off the couch, but her short little legs don't reach the ground without a bit of effort and a lot of trust that the floor is close.
I had to wake her from her nap this afternoon so we could go to Corbin's birthday party. She was so sweet all curled up that I went back for my phone just to take a photo before I woke her. (It's worth mentioning that she wakes up a lot like her momma- and sister Emma. Nature is nothing y'all; nurture is a strong force.) 
Family selfie before the party. My loves look goofy because it was so sunny, but I look cute so I'm sharing the pic! 
Birthday boy with Nonnie. 
The best we could do for a cousin picture. 
Eleanor is quite fond of JR lately and he's becoming quite the big kid. This wasn't posed, they were just being sweet to each other. 
Will only sit still for birthday cake :-)
We couldn't make his party, but JR just had a birthday, too. Can't believe he's 6!