"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

19+ Months

Well, there you have it.  I'm late on the always expected 4th of the month post.  Eleanor is 19 months and a few days old.  First I'll post a bit of randomness and then I'll do some sort of monthly recap of our girl. 
When I let a week pass between blog posts, the photos pile up. 
Let me start with some cell phone pictures. 
Oranges.  This kid loves them. 
 Last week's beautiful weather called for plenty of outside playtime.  It's never too early to start working on our basketball skills. 
 Can't beat a good walk down to the playground with Daddy after work. 
 A blurry picture of Eleanor and her friend Annabelle in their matching pajamas. 
 She wants to sit on the couch like a big kid now.  Well, she wants to BE on the couch now.  Actually staying seated on her bottom requires all the concentration & discipline she can muster.   
 The climbing continues.  So much for the baby gate.  We don't encourage the climbing, but just yelling every time we see her do it isn't enough.  Since I realize that I'll sometimes not be watching and respond quick enough (and since sometimes you have to let little kids be little kids), we've spent as much time teaching her how to get down by herself as we have trying to convince her not to do it. 
 Girls night out with Heidi & Cheryl.  Oh, how I love these gals. 
 The dessert at 28 Springs in Siloam is always picture worthy (and so delicious). 
My babies. 
My new camera arrived last week and it's awesome. I know the basics of it because it is the most recent version of my old camera.  There is also A LOT that I don't know about it yet because, apparently, technology changes a lot in a decade.  Lol.  I'm having fun figuring it out and am planning to take some online classes to really learn what I can do with it.  If any of you have a Canon EOS Rebel T6i and have tips worth sharing, I'm all ears.  These are just a few shots from the last few days as I'm figuring it out.  There's zero editing, zooming, cropping, light adjusting, etc., because I don't know how to do that with the new software just yet!
Dottie surprised us by painting our fur babies and having the portraits matted for framing.  I'm excited to get it framed and hang it in my office!  
 Post nap sleepy face. 

 Where's Eleanor? 

 The McGaugh's passed two razorback coats down to Alex and Emma when they were little.  We still have one, Eleanor found it in her closet the other day, and she had the best time strutting around the house and yelling "Woowie!" (AKA "Woo Pig Sooie!")

This girl loves boots.  LOVES them.  These came super cheap from the Target clearance aisle and she couldn't be happier.  She wants to wear them with everything... even pajamas.  At first I tried to explain that we couldn't put them on over her footie pjs, but eventually I decided to just see if it would work.  It was a tight fight and after 30 minutes her feet were sweaty, but she was so pleased.  She kept squealing, "I got boots!" 

 The boots came off for bedtime, but were her first request when she woke up this morning. 

 Last, but not least.  19 Months.  She's now officially closer to two than she is to one.  Ah!  She has suddenly grown.  Not kidding.  She had a huge growth spurt and suddenly none of her clothes fit.  How does that even happen so quickly?  Pants that fit one day were too short the next.  Shirts that looked fine for one wear were too snug & short the next.  She's even outgrown all her shoes (which helped me justify all the boots we've purchased on clearance in the last two weeks). 
  • 23.8 pounds, 31 inches tall.  Has outgrown nearly all of her 18 month size clothes and is now in a 24 month size.  Also bumped up to a size 4 toddler shoe. 
  • Has survived her first (and hopefully only ever) broken bone.  The finger splint lasted two weeks and then we couldn't keep it on no matter what we tried.  The nail has come off now and will hopefully be growing back in soon.  She's still aware of it and shows it to everyone (including random strangers), but it doesn't seem to cause any pain. 
  • Loves shoes and REALLY loves boots. 
  • Favorite phrases: "I did it!" and "It's okay!" and "Oh No!"
  • A bit dramatic :)  She will throw herself to the floor in slow motion and then exclaim "Oh no! I fall down!"
  • Is a lover of music.  She loves playing my guitar.  She randomly breaks out in dance when she hears a good song.  (We do some super awesome car dancing when we hear Joe Jonas, Justin Timberlake or Justin Bieber on the radio- just keeping the vibes going for Alex & Emma. She recently busted a move in Best Buy and put on a show for the employees when she heard a Chicago song.) She loves John Denver.  (When his music comes on a Values.com commercial, she drops what she's doing to listen to it in its entirety.) She does not like Luke Bryan.  (When he sang the national anthem for the Super Bowl, she stopped what she was doing, stared at the television for about 10 seconds, shook her head no, and then walked away.) 
  • Still loves reading.  I've hidden away a large stack of the books that were her favorites in order to encourage interest in new books.  It's working.  One of our current favorites is "Just In Case You Ever Wonder" by Max Lucado.  Drew & I read it to Alex & Emma and it is quite special (and sometimes emotional) for me to read it to Eleanor.  What I specifically love is that the telling of the story makes the message just as relevant for an adopted child as it is for a biological one. 
  • Favorite foods: Oranges, guacamole, toast
  • You can ask her to count and her response is, "two, two, two"
  • We read books with the alphabet, but we also sing the song every time we brush her teeth (once for the top brushing, once for the bottom brushing).  If I ask her to sing her ABC's, she sings, "B, B, B... B, B, B... B, B, B..." on repeat.  We don't know when she's done until she stops and yells, "I did it!"