"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, February 13, 2017


Ever have one of those days where you feel like you're pretty much winning at life?  I'm having one today.  When Eleanor starts the day off in a good mood, that helps things tremendously.   Right after breakfast I braised short ribs, mixed up a new sauce, and put it all in the crock pot for dinner tonight (keep an eye out on my report on this new recipe).  Eleanor & I played in the back yard for a good while and she's finally found the courage to go down the slide without holding on to anything.  (If memory serves me, you won't be able to watch this video on your phone, you'll have to do it on a computer.)  At the end of the video she's shaking her finger and saying, "One more time!" 
We cleaned out and organized the pantry & fridge.  Eleanor excels at sorting recyclables (cough, cough). 
Eleanor often gets apple or pear juice in a bottle once a day to help keep her hydrated & to keep 'things' moving.  She always has a sippy cup of water available to her throughout the day, but seldom does she do more than sip on it and toss it in the floor.  Today I flipped the cards.  I gave her a straw cup of apple juice with her lunch.  She took a sip, realized what it was and said, "Juice!"  As she ate her turkey and cheese, she drank from the cup and by the time lunch was done she had downed 6 ounces!  Y'all, that is a big deal!  After lunch she was walking through the kitchen and asked for a bottle.  It normally would be bottle time so I didn't argue, but this time I just filled the bottle with tap water.  She crawled up in my lap, took a swig of that water, spit the nipple out and said, "Juice?"  We negotiated, she lost, she decided she'd rather not have the bottle at all and moved on to better things without much fuss.  I had read about doing this months ago, but when I tried it she didn't seem to care what was in the bottle.  At that point she wanted the bottle and snuggles, but maybe we have reached a point where it's more about what is in the bottle.   Is this a breakthrough?  It's too soon to say, but I'll keep you posted.  Also, say a prayer for me, because if she really does let go of the bottle completely then I sure am going to miss my baby snuggles. 
Because every part of a good day can't be a win... I decided to season our long neglected cast iron skillets in preparation for camping season.  I watched a how to video, followed the instructions, and a short 30 minutes later... my living room was filling with smoke and I was scrambling to turn on fans and open windows before the smoke alarm went off.  I obviously did something wrong.  Oops. 
A few other photos from the weekend.  Play date with Corbin at Imagine in Johnson.  It was a fun place and we'll surely make plans to go back sometime soon. 

 And oh, this beautiful weather.  It makes everybody feel sunny and smiley.