"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 6, 2017

Maiden Voyage

We had a fantastic time camping this weekend at Lake Fort Smith!  Eleanor did really well, much better than I had really expected.  Drew handled the camper like he knew what he was doing (ha!) and I hereby declare that camping in a camper is awesome.  I took approximately 4 billion photos.  Ready, set, go! 
Day one. From our campsite we walked down a trail to the water on our first evening.  Eleanor was in awe and it was pretty great to see her reactions. 

 Back at camp and setting things up.  Eleanor's pack-n-play fits perfectly where the dinette table is and sleeping arrangements were perfect. (will take some getting used to, for sure, but pretty perfect)
 The kitchen (to the right is the microwave & fridge)
 From the outside.  It's adorable. 
 Night #1 called for Eleanor's first hot dog roasting experience.  We were a bit nervous about how to handle the fire & a toddler, but we were super careful and she did really well. 
 Day two
 We took the wagon for ease of transportation to and from the bath house.  (We have a wet bath in the camper, but showers are much easier in the bath house... which was fantastic at this state park.)  I only include this photo so you can see that Eleanor had lost her cool and wasn't a photogenic, nature loving angel all weekend. 
 First time fishing with Dad.  I'm so glad I took my camera down to the water with us, because this scene melted my heart.  Tiny fishing pole, proud daddy, happy little girl.  No fish, but nobody cared. 

 After Eleanor's nap we went for a nice hike.  The Highland Trail begins at the visitor center and goes east for more than 160 miles.  We did about a mile or so of it and then turned back.  Eleanor was a trooper, but the Ergo is definitely not going to cut it for hiking.  We're going to have to invest in a child  carrier meant for hiking if we intend to make a thing of this (which I REALLY hope we do).  Started on Dad's back...
Hiked like a boss for a little while...
 She stopped, patted a rock and insisted I sit down for a bit. 

 Finished the hike on Mom's back.  It's a better fit for both of us, but it does get sweaty. 
On Saturday night and for half of Sunday it rained and was quite windy.  We spent most of our time in the camper watching movies and watching the squirrels out the window. 
Once it dried up, we spent the second half of the day outside, but bundled up because it was quite chilly with the wind. 

 Eleanor and I hiked a bit that afternoon. 
We packed up and came home Sunday evening instead of Monday morning because of the wind and the chance for storms rolling in.  Eleanor was worn out and I think that we can consider this first trip a great success.  As we get the hang of things it should only get better.  I foresee tons of fun trips in our future!