"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, March 17, 2017


Guess what?  We've found a cup that meets the liking of the princess!  For the last five days she's only had one bottle a day, the evening bottle that is more about snuggles than anything else.  For the rest of the day she's been drinking enough fluids from a cup.  Wahoo!  The magic cup is the Playtex Sipster (stage 3) and I'm filling it with 50 % apple juice and 50% water (so that there's not too much sugar, but it's yummy enough that she wants to drink more).  We've done lots of encouraging, but in the past even that wasn't enough.  We just keep the cup available at all times and she's finally drinking enough over the course the day.  The first couple of days we had to distract her from the desire for a bottle when the typical bottle times rolled around, but now she isn't even asking for them throughout the day.  Y'all, we are winning at parenting this week. 
File this under the category of over sharing.  If you aren't interested in reading about toddler poop problems then you should just skip ahead to the next photo.  Okay?  Okay. 
Constipation has been a serious issue for E since she turned a year old.  It's never completely fine and sometimes it is COMPLETELY terrible.  The only way we can keep her going every two or three days (and to avoid major discomfort and traumatizing moments for everyone involved) is to give her Miralax at least every other day.  The doctor was the one who told us to do this and has said that we  can continue if we need to, but I don't want to continue giving a medication for symptom control if there's a chance we can find and fix the real issue.  So, in my reading I discovered that some toddlers don't experience dairy intolerance the way we expect.  (For those who were around, you'll remember that Emma had dairy intolerance as an infant/toddler and it was an obvious issue.  Pain, cramps, gas followed by terrible diapers. That's what most of us think of when we think of lactose intolerance or dairy sensitivities.)  Apparently some toddlers experience dairy intolerance in the form of terrible constipation.  Since Eleanor's real trouble didn't start until we transitioned from formula to whole milk, we figure that it's worth a try to remove the milk from her diet and see if things get better.  It's obviously not a true allergy and she tolerated typical dairy based formula and things like cheese & yogurt before the transition to whole milk, so this is really just a trial to see if taking away the whole milk helps her tummy.  I've done my research and we've replaced the dairy milk with soy milk that is fortified with calcium and I'm making sure that she's getting the fat she needs from her normal diet.  We're only a few days in and I'm not going to give the Miralax for a few days and see how things go.  There.  Oversharing complete.  For now. 
I have some photos from my phone over the last couple of weeks that I haven't shared yet. 
Sunshine in the backyard with my girl. 
 I've been making a point to either take a walk around the neighborhood or get on the treadmill a couple of times a week.  I'm not doing anything strenuous and I was quickly reminded that jogging gives me hip & lower back pain, but just getting my heart rate up and going for a good walk is good for my heart & my head.  Ya know what?  Making sure that I get a little exercise also helps me be a better mom.  I'm more level headed and not so stressed out when I make exercise a priority.  Y'all, I've known this for years, I don't know why I let myself fall into weeks or even months at a time where I get lazy and then wonder why I feel bad.
When we walk around the neighborhood, the exercise is only half the fun.  Eleanor simply must stop for some play time at the playground.  This particular day she was content to just throw her head back and soak up the moment.  Little ones are good for reminding grown ups of moments like this, if we're willing to pay attention. 
 Play date at the park with Cheryl & Dale. 

 Stopped for lunch with this cutie on our way home that day. 
 Reading books with Daddy.  (He's more fun because his animal noises are dramatic and not 'text book'.) 
 Uh oh, the ball rolled under the ottoman. 
 Where's Foose? 
 Found him! 
 This gal loves shoes.  All shoes.  This is what happens when your heart is ready for spring, but it's still a 45 degree morning in March.  She wore them all morning. 
 Don't you all lay on the dog bed, making pretend cookies with a bowl and spoon, while wearing two different shoes? 
 Afternoon walk & some time at the playground. 
 Hogs won their first game in the NCAA tournament.  Eleanor was feeling the spirit. 
 After nap time requires new shoes.  (It's been hours and she's still wearing them.)  Like I said, we're rocking this parenting thing this week.