"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Sunday was Emma's birthday.  12 years ago she came into the world in a hurry and for 7 years she lived life like her hair was on fire.  The girl had some serious spunk.  She was awesome and I love remembering her.  (This photo was from her 5th birthday party and I chose it to share today because I feel like it just sums up her sassy personality.) 
Drew has been in Las Vegas since Sunday morning.  He's learning a lot from the conference he's attending, but we sure will be happy to see him when he gets home tomorrow night.  Eleanor is not a fan of her daddy being gone, but has really enjoyed talking to him on the phone and giving him all sorts of details about her day.  It's such fun to have these little conversations with her when she answers questions and then offers extra details.  She's this big personality in this tiny little body and watching her grow is learn is kind of awesome. 
How about a few (or a lot) of Eleanor photos? 
She's recently decided that she is no longer afraid of bubbles, but instead she LOVES and NEEDS bubbles.  More bubbles! 
 Playing in the backyard with Grandpa John on Saturday. 

 Reading books with Daddy on Saturday. 
 Saturday night date night!  I love this picture of us because it's goofy.  Instead of grumbling over my selfie taking insistence, he just leaned in and gave me a big ol' grin (which made my smile even bigger than usual).  Yep, he's a keeper.  Also, we saw Beauty & the Beast and I LOVED it!  Loved.  I'd pay to go see it again and will definitely buy it when it comes out on blu ray.  Go see it, it's great.  I even got a little teary in the beginning because I couldn't help but feel how much Alex would have loved it.  Her little heart would have been overflowing with emotion and it made me feel all the feels. 
 Eleanor has this furry cow sleeping bag in her room that she loves to do somersaults on.  Mac also loves the furry cow sleeping bag.  The other day he curled up and Eleanor lost him.  She walked right past him while yelling, "Mac! Where go?!"  Can you spot the dog? 
 She's into stacking lately.  She stacked these cheerios on top of her bread and then beamed like she'd built a sky scraper. 
On Monday morning we had a play date at Imagine with a few gals from my Bible study and their toddlers.  My introverted self is enjoying making these new friends and seeing Eleanor have such opportunities to grow & socialize.  We're in the right church for our family right now and I'm grateful.  Eleanor had fun with her new friends until she fell on the big train and bonked her head.  She was fine and recovered quickly, but the entire ride home she repeated, "Train.  Choo choo.  Bonk. Head.  Owie.  It's okay!"  She wasn't about to let me forget.  
Just so we're clear that not everything is grins and smiles. 

 Moving on... stacking blocks on Foose. 
 And then riding him.  He's really the best. 
 Play date at the park with Grandma LaGayle.  It was almost hot yesterday, but Eleanor still had a blast.  For more than an hour after we left she repeated, "Memaw!  Park!  Play!  Swing! Slide! Weee!"  I'm not sure you can consider these strings of words to be sentences, but she's definitely telling a story with her words and it's pretty cool. 

 This morning we spent the morning with two of my favorite gals and all these little ones.  (Notice the hats & coats.  Yesterday was 85 degrees, today was 50 degrees.)  Heidi & Cheryl, I do love our friendship. 
 Dale, Alan, Eleanor, Sophie, Silas