"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Monday, March 27, 2017

Nonnie's House

I'm behind again and have other photos to share, but we went to Nonnie's for dinner last night and I remembered to take my camera.  I took approximately 4 million photos and I must share them.  Have I mentioned that I love my camera?  I've only just scratched the surface of what it can do, but I just love it. 
Cooper is 6 months old now and such fun.  I wanted to be sure and take Eleanor into the back yard with him so that he can get used to her, but also so she can get used to a dog that isn't used to her.  Does that make sense?  I'm afraid she's too comfortable with dogs in general because Foose & Mac are so chill & patient with her.  He really did pretty well with all of us in his space and I got a few photos of him playing.  He's so cute. 

 He loves to play fetch. 

 Drew played on these stairs in the backyard when he was little.  It's always what Eleanor wants to do when we are there. 
 Alex & Corbin
 To the front yard for some baseball.  Trying to get Eleanor & Corbin to sit down beside each other and smile for a picture is impossible, but aren't they  cute?  I mean, really.  For real. 
 Practicing the steps with mom. 
 Batting practice with their daddies.  Love. 

 Now run to first! 
 These tulips had bloomed and I just couldn't resist.  They were beautiful. 
 My heart loves a black & white photo of the people I love. 
 Jessica, Alex, Corbin & Nonnie
 Eleanor & Nonnie
 Swoon.  She's so beautiful.  I love her little quirks, like how her left eye squints a little when she smiles.  This one will be hanging on my living room wall very soon. 
 So I took all of these lovely photos, but the truth is that Eleanor was pretty much a turd the entire time we were there.  It was just one of those days.  (Side Story: when we were kids, the boys & I learned the word "turd".  Mom hated it.  It annoyed her and that was just fuel for us.  In a moment of irritation she declared, "I hate that word!  I'd rather you say "shit" than "turd".  Of course, the boys and I took that as permission to use the word "shit" freely.  It didn't last long- apparently she didn't really want us to use either word.  Ugh, grown ups.  Lol.  Some 25 years later, when I hear one word, I think of the other.)  Anyway, Eleanor had a rough afternoon of attitude and fussing.  That sucks because we have really had a great week of behavior (on her part & on mine).  Toddlers are funny little people and it seems that all the hub bub of having the entire family together doesn't bring out the best in this little one.  So when I handed my camera to Jessica and asked her take a photo of us, Eleanor protested.  Drew's pretending to have composure, Eleanor is grimacing while trying to wiggle out of my arms, and the only thing I could do was give an exaggerated fake smile.  I love all the beautiful photos, but I love this one, too, because it's #real. 
 I let Eleanor down and this was the last photo of the day.  I love this guy.