"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Thursday, April 13, 2017


This spring is just beautiful so far.  The warm and sunny weather does hoards of good for my mood and emotional well being.  We had such a mild winter this year (and that helped me avoid the full on winter blues), but this 75 degrees and sunny thing is my cup of tea. 
Eleanor got a surprise package from Esther for Easter.  There was a card and a lovely book, but her favorite is the stuffed peep.  (Side note: Daddy may have eaten the actual peeps.) 

 I did a bit of work in the front flower beds on Tuesday (there's plenty more to do, so don't give me too much credit).  Eleanor helped.  She was cracking me up in her mismatched outfit, waving the American flag, carrying a football in her Easter bucket, and sitting in a booster seat while eating a fruit & veggie pouch.  (P.S. We've discovered GoGo SqueeZ pouches and Eleanor is loving them.  She's finally figured out how to suck on them without squeezing too hard and making a mess.  Also, the first person that tells her that her applesauce actually has vegetables in it will get a throat punch.  She loves them.  She's eating veggies.  Life is good.) 
 At the ballpark watching Braeden play.  The first time the ump had to brush the dirt off of home plate she yelled, "Oh No!  A mess!"
 Mom, Eleanor, me
 Eleanor was so happy to see Braeden after the game.  She's got this great pucker kiss going on and had a big one waiting for Braeden.  (Also, she looks so much like toddler Alex in this picture that it makes my heart hurt a little.) 
 When I picked her up from her class after my Bible study on Wednesday, she had this super awesome hat.  I think maybe it's Easter eggs?  I'm not sure.  Her fingers were stained purple from helping to color on it and there were tiny finger prints of glue on the hat band.  She was obviously quite thrilled over it and she was so cute that I asked her to sit so I could take her picture.  She obliged because it meant staying at church a little bit longer. 

 This morning I took her to the Farmer's Market in Fayetteville.  I had the stroller in the car, but decided to let her walk and explore and I'm so glad I did.  I've been continuing in my effort to be present and intentional in my life, especially in my mothering.  Sometimes that's super hard and feels like a mess.  Sometimes it's pretty fantastic and I'm left with a morning that really was pretty much lovely.  I'm so glad I snapped a few pictures while we were there.  My heart is happy from such a lovely day with my daughter.  We walked around the square and down a side street.  I let her go up every step she wanted to.  Every time she found a ledge she would pat it and say, "Sit".  I would sit with her for a few minutes while she took it all in and then we'd get up and walk some more.  An older lady walked by while we were sitting on a ledge and Eleanor said hi to her.  She stopped and said hello to Eleanor and then Eleanor patted the ledge and said, "Sit".  That sweet woman smiled and told Eleanor that she would love to sit with her.  So she sat with us for a minute or two and let Eleanor tell her all about something and then went on her way.  It was the sweetest moment and I'd love to think that I have the heart & presence pause my day to be kind to a stranger's toddler who asks me to sit.  God is good. 
 She wanted to sit and listen to a man playing his guitar (so did I).  She kept a close eye on him, but got shy when I gave her a dollar to drop in his guitar case.  I picked her up and helped her to do that and as the song ended and we walked away, she held her finger up and said, "One more time!" 
 She so enjoyed all the flowers and foliage around the square.  We bought a beautiful bouquet from a vendor to bring home and enjoy.  She wanted to smell them from the moment we got them and has probably smelled them 20 times since we got them home. 
 So happy. 
 After dinner we sat in the front yard and let Eleanor enjoy her first popsicle.  She wasn't so sure what to think at first, but quickly figured it out and enjoyed every last bit. 
For those who are enjoying the videos lately (I'm looking at you, Aunt Becky!)  As always, you need to watch from a computer to see the videos.  It won't work on phones and I'm not smart enough (or motivated enough) to figure out why.  I've also noticed that even high quality video from the big camera plays pretty grainy & pixelated here.  I would imagine that it's a storage issue, but, again, I don't really know. 
As the popsicle started to melt, she was awfully concerned that the drips were making a mess.  That's what she's saying in the beginning.  "Mess!" I have no idea what she's jabbering about after that, but it's cute. 
And one from the big camera.  We were sitting on the front porch the other day and she was dancing down the side walk and checking on the sun tea.  (Sun tea, just one more reason to love warm, sunny weather.)  Also, chubby little toddler legs in shorts are adorable.