"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Buffalo Point: Part 1

On Wednesday we packed up and headed out for what was to be our longest (and farthest from home) camping trip to date: Buffalo Point on the lower Buffalo River. 
Drew & I were pumped.  The look on Eleanor's face pretty much sums up her excitement over the 3 hour ride in the truck.  It's no secret that she's not the best car rider and the trip to the lower Buffalo was no exception, but we made it. 
 Hot and steamy weather for day 1.  Eleanor + cup of ice = happy, filthy toddler

 Our truck was struggling a bit on the way down to the campground and ultimately Drew decided that it was best to not try to pull the camper home through the hills until it was tended to, so... on Thursday we left the camper and made the one hour drive back to Harrison to the Ford dealership for some work that should have been done a long time ago.  They were great to work us in on no notice, but 5 hours is a long time in the dealership waiting room. 
 Shame on us for not paying attention to those few things much earlier, but praise be to God that we were able to find a place to fix the problem when it became necessary.  Rotors, brakes, a new belt, alignment, and a tire sensor later... we were out a large chunk of money and headed back to the river.  It's definitely not how I wanted to spend the first full day of our  vacation or what I wanted to do with that much money, but the truth is that it all worked out, the work was done properly, the truck is pulling the camper great now, and we had the money to pay for it.  God is good. 
Also, this is noteworthy.  The toddler that doesn't sleep in the car... sleeping in the car!  Somehow, the multiple extended trips in the truck seem to have broken her car riding difficulties.  Knock on wood, we may have figured out a few tricks and crossed the line into more tolerable toddler travel. 
 We made it back to the campground in time for the rain to arrive. 
 Daddy showed her how to reach out and play in the water running off the awning.  She was tickled pink. 
Rain, rain, rain.  Thank goodness for movies in the camper. 
 Friday.  Still raining.  Drew cooked breakfast under the awning and then we decided that we could either sit around all day or we could go find something fun to do. 
 We've driven by the signs for Mystic Caverns hundreds of times in our lives, but neither of us could ever remember going.  So, we went.  We made the nearly hour drive back to the caverns. 
 Waiting for the tour. 

 I haven't really worn Eleanor in quite a while, since she's getting so big and is much more interested in walking (and running and jumping and climbing) these days. But this time, I was glad I had put it in the truck.  We tried a new hip carry and it worked pretty great for a situation in which she absolutely wouldn't have been safe on her own two feet. This picture was between tours (there are two caverns) and she just wanted down, hence the blah expression on her face. 

 The caverns were really beautiful and gave us something fun and unexpected to explore on our rainy vacation day.  I only fell once.  True story.  No mommies or toddlers were harmed during the touring of the damp and slick caverns.  Well, my pride was hurt a bit, but nothing else.
Back to the river and by evening it finally stopped raining.  Drew got the fire going to make dinner and Eleanor and I walked down to the river.  She was happy to be on her own feet and exploring a bit. 

 Dinner, y'all.  We're getting better at this camp cooking business. 
After dinner we walked back down to the river with Daddy for a bit of fishing and splashing.   She's becoming quite the daddy's girl and I love it. 

 Sticking close to Daddy.
 Contemplating the water and rocks. 
 In the water, throwing rocks, and squealing for more. 

Crying because Mommy won't carry her around now that she's soaked from the waist down.  
Back to the camp site and into dry clothes... and obviously delirious from the fun and excitement of the day. 
Stay tuned for "Buffalo Point: Part 2", also known as "the part of our vacation without rain and truck troubles.