"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Eleanor is back to her fiery self!  Praise God!  That was a long and annoying virus, but she's back and we're so grateful! 
Sunday evening we had a cookout at Dottie's to celebrate Drew & Pat's birthdays.  Eleanor was getting some energy back, throwing some attitude, and having fun playing with her cousins. 
Corbin & Eleanor helping their daddies open gifts. 
 Eleanor & JR
 Corbin, JR, Eleanor

The toddlers exploring. 

Monday morning Eleanor woke up as her normal fiery self and we were so happy to have our girl back!  Drew had her trying out ear muffs last night so that maybe she'll be willing to wear them when we're in loud situations (hello, fireworks & baseball games) in the future. 
Eleanor had her very first dentist appointment this morning.  I've been stalling and putting it off for months for no good reason, but finally called yesterday to make her an appointment.  I had wavered back and forth over whether to take her to Dr. Ward in Fayetteville (he treated Alex & Emma and he & his staff were so wonderful to our family), or to try a new fun place that's closer to our house.  Ultimately I decided Dr. Ward was worth the drive.  When I called yesterday I got to talk to one of the gals in the office that I've kept in touch with over the years and she was able to get us in today because of a cancellation.  Eleanor is used to having her teeth brushed, but I was nervous that she might turn in to crazy toddler and be a maniac when under pressure with strangers.  I'm happy to say that she was her sassy, opinionated self, but she really did very well.  There was no biting or kicking and only a bit of "No!" attitude.  She was thrilled over the video games in the waiting room (though she doesn't know what they are and just called it TV).
 Today was more of a "confidence visit" to get her used to things for future visits, but also to make sure that there was nothing of immediate concern.  Of all the toothbrushes in the drawer (among them were princesses and Finding Dory), she chose the Incredible Hulk toothbrush! Her teeth are healthy, her fused tooth isn't causing any problems, and she has no apparent cavities.  She was so pleased with her self when we got back in the car and kept grinning like this and saying "teeth pretty". 
I'm glad I decided to take her to Dr. Ward.
We made a quick stop at the Fayetteville Farmer's Market for some produce and then dropped by to give Esther a bouquet of flowers & a long over due hug. 
In other news... insurance is annoying.  We've been with the same insurance agency since we got married 17 years ago and during that time I've never once actually dealt with the agent.  Melanie has been an associate in the office and has handled EVERYTHING for us all these years.  Until a few weeks ago, I didn't realize exactly how awesome she was.  I got a phone call from a different person in the agency telling me that my homeowners insurance was no longer being paid by my mortgage company and would be cancelled by X date if I didn't do XYZ.  Um, what?  I asked for Melanie and was told that she no longer worked there.  I got off the phone and called my mortgage company, only to be told that there is zero problem and they just need proof of policy renewal (that the insurance company has to provide... not me).  No big deal, just a routine thing that's done once a year.  I immediately did some detective work and found that Melanie has started her own insurance agency.  I contacted her, told her how grateful I was that she's handled all this insurance mess for my entire adult life, and how much I appreciate her never making non-issues into problems.  That means a LOT, y'all.  She's still getting her business off the ground and acquiring all the codes required to be an agent, but you can bet your bottom dollar that we will be giving her our business.  If you happen to be looking for homeowners, renters, auto, RV, etc. insurance in NWA, give her a call.  Parrish-Kelley Hometown Insurance.  (479) 595-8747  Ask for Melanie and tell her I sent you.