"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

24 Months

Well here it is.  The day we've all anticipated... my last monthly update post on Eleanor.  I said I'd give myself until her second birthday to keep at the monthly posts and as of today she's two.  TWO.  How in the world?  24 months.  Y'all.  Two years ago today a nurse placed this tiny little baby on my chest in the hospital nursery.  Today that little baby used my dirty sock as a telephone to make a phone call. 
My little baby is two years old and she's a sassy mess.  She likes her cousins and everyone else is debatable.   Her answer to almost everything is "NO" and she's not shy about letting you know exactly what she thinks & wants.  She's the exact opposite of mild mannered.  When she's happy, she's happy.  When she's not, you'll know.  There's not a ton of in between.  She's awesome, she's fun, she's sweet, she's sassy, she's ornery, she's spoiled, she's opinionated, she's loud, and she wears me out.  She is so very loved and I'm infinitely grateful to God for letting me be her Mommy.

  • weighs 26.4 pounds and is 33.5 inches tall 
  • wears mostly 24 month sized clothing and size 5 toddler shoes
  • loves camping, going on hikes, swinging in the back yard, and pretty much anything that allows her to be outside
  • likes to watch Minnie Mouse, Beauty & the Beast (the new version), and Moana
  • super picky eater lately, but she'll most always be willing to eat bread, cheese, or black olives 
  • has added skipping as the most favored way to get from point A to point B.  Side note: walking and running are also acceptable. 
  • can point to and name most body parts, but the most recent favorites are nostrils and armpits!  (FYI, if you ask her about nostrils, it's your own fault when you find her finger half way up your nose.)  
  • still naps most afternoons for 2-3 hours and sleeps 12-13 hours per night.  It's awesome.  She's still in her crib in her room and I plan to keep it that way for as long as possible.  We're in no hurry to move to toddler bed! 
  • is still quite the chatter box and is adding new words to her vocabulary every day.  I especially love how she's telling stories now.  For days she's walked around saying, "Braeden bang pop noise loud!  Fireworks!"  My favorite thing she's doing lately is singing.  She doesn't just request a certain song or repeat the same lyrics over and over, but now she will fill in words for me as we are singing songs and even get ahead of me with the lyrics.  It's such fun!  
  • still uses a pacifier at night (and whenever else she feels like it, really) and I'm just not worried over it.  It's obviously not impeding her speech, her dentist wasn't worried about it, and I wasted way too much time worrying over how long she'd have the bottle when I could have just been enjoying those last moments of baby snuggles before she let it go on her own.  I have way bigger things to lose sleep over than a pacifier.   
Our gift to her for her birthday was this sand & water table.  We gave it to her yesterday because we knew today was going to be rainy weather and she might not get to play with it.  She was quite interested in it and I asked her how the sand felt.  I expected her to say bumpy or rough (she's all about describing textures lately), but instead she said, "Gross".  Well, I guess that works, too. 

 Meltdowns happen. 
 Swinging fixes most everything. 
 Close ups, because I think her features are precious. 

She thinks she's awesome on her 4 wheeler (that she calls a bicycle), but she won't hit the red button that makes it go.  She'll only ride it in motion if someone walks beside her and pushes the button.  If you leave her to her own accord, she just sit on it like a boss and does the occasional acrobatic trick.