"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Devils Den

Every 3 months we get together with Drew's work team and their families to have dinner or do something fun.  It keeps everyone plugged in and gives everyone a chance to do something together outside of work stuff.  For this quarter, we all decided to go camping.  Right now he's got two people on his team and we all have little ones, so it's lots of fun. 
Packed up and headed out on Friday afternoon.  It was HOT.  Like, 90 degrees with 90 percent humidity HOT.   Whose idea was it to go camping in July? 
 Reason my toddler is crying: Daddy won't let her drive the truck. 
 We all visited a bit, but pretty much did our own thing Friday night.  Eleanor decided that falling asleep alone was for babies, so she was still in her crib and happily awake when we came to bed at 10.  Slumber party! 
It rained and stormed pretty good over night, but we were safe and sound in the camper.  Saturday morning started out fun, but then I walked down to the bathroom for wifi.  (There is no cell reception at Devils Den, but if you walk to the bathroom then you can get wifi.  I always do that once while we are there to check the security camera in the back yard and make sure the dogs are fine.  This was especially important this weekend because it's July and we all know Mac's history of escape in the month of July. 4 years running.) 
 Guess what?  I didn't even get to the checking the camera part before an iMessage popped up from a stranger saying, "We have your dog."  It was from the night before, so I texted her back and explained where we were and my delayed response.  She said that they had found him on our street just after 9pm and put him in their back yard, but... he dug out sometime in the night.  Good news, another neighbor had found him and posted him on our neighborhood facebook page.  I contacted her and then headed back home to get him.  The lady was super nice and the story is actually funny.  They live on the next street over from us and they have a cat, so they leave the garage door cracked at night so that the cat can come and go.  Sometime in the night it began to storm and then she heard a strange noise in the garage.  She opened the door to find something black and white scuttering around in her garage and thought it was a skunk!  Turns out it was Mac and he just wanted somewhere to hang out, so they dried him off and put him in their laundry room.  This dog, y'all.  He doesn't want to run away, he just wants to come inside and get some attention.  I told our neighbor how someone else had found him just after 9 the night before and she said that other neighbors had been setting off fireworks at that time.  Awesome.  For some reason I had hoped that people would obey the city law and not set off fireworks after July 6th.  I was wrong.  He obviously freaked out and made a run for safety.  Foose was fine at home (though not terribly thrilled over it all) and I knew we couldn't put Mac back in the back yard without a thorough inspection, so guess who got to go camping? 

 So our Saturday morning hike was replaced with a walk around the camp grounds with the toddler and the Shi-tzu (who isn't used to long walks and nearly wore out before we got back to the campsite). 
As fate would have it, Mac is actually an excellent camper.  He tolerates the leash just fine, but doesn't really need it to be controlled or stay close.  He's pretty tolerant of all the little kids loving on him, but is really happy to just lay under the picnic table or nap in the cool camper.  We'll see, but he may be camping with us from now on.  
The rest of the day was fun.  Eleanor napped while I read a book and Drew went fishing with the guys.  Then we all went down to the creek for some swimming. 

 You guys, we live in such a beautiful part of the world. 

 Eleanor & her friend Ava.  They are both only children with older cousins, so it was pretty funny to observe them feeling each other out.  Also, impossible to get a photo of them both looking at the camera. 
 Sharing goldfish crackers. 
 That wild, curly hair. 

 "Hey, give me that juice box." 
"Not gonna happen, but you can hold this dog leash." 
"No thanks."
 We all had dinner together and visited all evening. 
 It was too hot for the grown ups to play corn hole, but the little girls had a grand time. 
 Group shot. 
Eleanor found a gigantic worm  It was so big and feisty that we thought it was a little snake at first.  She spent the longest time watching this worm wiggle and asking to touch it, but refusing to actually touch it.  When it started getting dark we put it in her dump truck so she could bring it closer to the camper.  She did eventually hold it for a few seconds and was quite tickled over it all.  Once she went to bed we put it back on the ground, but I'm afraid Mr. Worm may have been loved so much that he didn't survive.  The FIRST thing Eleanor asked for when she woke up this morning was the worm.  Sorry kiddo, Mr. Worm had to go back to his worm family.  (She didn't buy it, but I stuck with my story.) 
We're glad to be home, unpacked, showered, and cool!