"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Friends and Food

It's been three weeks since Drew and I started doing the really low carb thing.  By really low carb, I mean that we try to stick to 20 or less grams of carbohydrates a day (for now, not forever).  That's super low and the idea is to put your body into ketosis so that it's burning fat instead of carbs for energy.  Like I've said, it wasn't as hard as I anticipated it would be.  It proved to be easier for me to just eat no processed foods or refined carbs than other diets where I could eat some (but never enough).  We completely cut out bread and pasta of any kind.  No added sugar (and not even any fruit for right now).  No crackers or cookies or ice cream or chips or... all stuff like that.  If it comes in a box, chances are we aren't eating it.  Even with temptations, that's been going really well.  It was fairly easy to stick to because we've just felt so much better since we started.  There were really very few slip ups (I mean, I ate a chicken tender with the crust on it last week) and we've just been sticking with meat, eggs, full fat cheese, nuts, and lots of green veggies.  Anyway... that was all fine and dandy until Sunday evening.  I don't know why, but I was having crazy cravings and I convinced myself that a splurge wouldn't hurt anything and... I ate a package of pop tarts.  Drew partook in the pop tart feast with me.  No big deal, I told myself.  Slip ups happen, I'd just do better the next day.  Then the next day I ate a handful of peanut butter crackers with Eleanor.  The next day I didn't feel so great and my mood has been kind of all over the place the last three days, but the more carbohydrates I ate, the more I wanted.  Then the panic attack happened and I've just been a bit of a moody mess.  Last night we went out to eat with friends and instead of choosing a pork chop and veggies, I ordered a hamburger and fries.  No, no, no.  Just no.  Why did I do that?  I didn't realize how good I'd felt for the last few weeks until I ate poorly for the last few days.  Y'all, I feel rotten.  I feel bloated and achy and moody and my face is breaking out again.  Drew never gets headaches, but he woke up this morning about 4 am with a headache so severe that he couldn't go back to sleep.  Add in that not so great feeling in our guts and we are both 100% on board the low carb train.  Because we've cut out all grains and sugar (and then ate junk with mixed ingredients), we don't know what exactly has made us feel rotten.  Sugar?  Wheat?  Gluten?  Whatever it is, it isn't worth it.  We definitely need to stick with this food plan and wait a while before adding any of that other stuff back in.  At least then we'll have a better chance at identifying what each ingredient does to us.
I feel annoyed at myself for a few reasons.  One: I didn't think I'd be this person preaching about low carb or elimination diets.  I'm not even really doing an elimination diet, it just worked out that way.  And now here I am telling you all about it.  How annoying is that?!  Two: Once I gave it a shot and experienced how much better I felt, I really should have been smart enough to stick with it.
So, yeah.  Don't eat sugary junk and just skip the bread and potatoes.  You might feel better for it.
Other stuff...
We didn't get any rain Sunday, but a front moved through and it cooled off enough for Drew to do yard work.  We joined him for a sugar free Popsicle on the back deck.  

 Look who is doing puzzles now.  She lays the pieces where they are supposed to go, but doesn't always twist them until they fit properly.  Still, I was super proud of her for working hard and matching the pieces. 
 Foose helped. 

 Our Tuesday evening dinner date with Stacy and Brian was super fun.  I highly recommend JJ's Beer Garden and BBQ in Fayetteville.  (They abbreviate it JBGB) You can go for the burger and fries, but there are salads and other healthier options on the menu if you prefer.  The atmosphere is great and the outdoor area is such fun!  Corn hole, Bocce ball, volleyball, and more.  We'll definitely go back! While we were there we saw a photographer taking photos and I just assumed it was for advertising stuff.  Then we were outside playing after our meal and the photographer came out to ask if she could take photos of Eleanor playing.  She's with a magazine published by the Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce and said to keep an eye out for it.  She doesn't get to pick the photos they use, but you never know. 

 Play date with Heidi, Silas, and Sophie this morning.  I didn't even think to take more photos, but I did grab this one of them playing basketball in the driveway. 
 We stopped in downtown Siloam before coming home because I'm on a mission to makeover my kitchen table.  I have these big chunky farmhouse table legs in my mind and I was hoping to find something vintage that fit the bill.  Eleanor was a great shopping partner (she likes to look and point out what's cute and pretty!) and, of course, we stopped to sit on every bench. 

 I did find these table legs.  They aren't exactly vintage, but I thought they would work.  Once I got them home I decided that they weren't chunky and heavy enough for what I'm going for, but they were cheap and I have another table that I'm going to use them on. 
That's a pretty big project because it will take up space and the garage is hot in this summer heat, but I'll get it done and share the project when it's complete.  Until then, I have another quilting project in mind that I'm looking forward to working on when Eleanor naps and in the evenings.  Yay for making stuff and being creative!