"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, August 4, 2017

First, phone pics from the past week.
Look who wants to sit in a big girl chair at the table?  She eats like this more often than she eats in a booster these days.  
 Dancing with Daddy. 
 She's rediscovered Larry and she's every bit as in love as she was when she was baby! 
 A throwback photo from the summer of 1997.  We were just kids, but I loved him something fierce.  I'm so grateful for our journey together. 
 Playground play date with Heidi, Sophie, Silas, Cheryl, Alan, and Dale. 

 Snuggles with Kayla & Ranger. 
 Even I've been getting some snuggles lately.  Can't get enough of this. 
 Ladybug rain boots and shorts.  Tears over leaving Mac at the groomer for a hair cut.  She's awesome. 
 We've been enjoying the chalk board lately. 
 Dinner date with Daddy.  The last two times we've been out to eat she's ordered her own food.  I love that she's not shy about answering questions and communicating in these scenarios. 

Waitress: What would you like?
Eleanor: Mac & cheese
Waitress:  Okay.  Do you want fruit or french fries? 
Eleanor: French fries!

Y'all.  We totally let her have exactly that because we were so proud that she ordered it herself.  You eat those carbs, girl! 
 Speaking of carbs.  I'm sticking so close to this low carb diet that people probably think I'm going overboard.  But, y'all, I feel so much better.  Wednesday marked 4 weeks of low carb.  Drew has lost 15 pounds (because, dudes) and I've lost 9.4.  I warned him that if I lose another 10 pounds that I'll probably need all new clothes.  His response?  "So will I." 
All that said, I will admit that it's easy to get stuck in a meat and veggies rut.  This week I made a crustless TACO PIE and it was really good.  I was worried about the texture at first, but it was delicious.  Great change of pace.  (If you're low calorie or low fat, this is not the recipe for you!) 

Now for some other news.  We haven't told anyone what we were up to because we wanted to make certain that the decision was between us and God.  Now that we are well into the process, we're ready to share that we have found another house.  It's about 20 minutes from where we are now and not far from my brother's family.  It's on an acre and a half with a beautiful home and a pool!  We weren't actively looking to move because we really love our house and back yard, but we've often dreamt about how nice it would be to have a bit of land with room for a pool & a shop for Drew.  We thought it would be further down the road, but this house sort of found us.  We've driven by it on our way to Kyle's for the last few months and we've looked at it online, but that's all we had done until finally last week Drew suggested that we go take a look  so we could either know it wasn't for us or we could discuss it more seriously.  Turns out we love it!  The house is about 20 years old, so there's some updating that could be done, but it's a really beautiful home and it just feels right.  I really love it and I'm excited about the possibility of making it ours.  Over the next few days we did a lot of praying, talking, and researching and now here I am to tell you that we're under contract, contingent upon listing and selling our house, of course.  Our house will officially hit the market tomorrow, so we've told our family and closest friends and I thought I'd best tell you all before word gets around!  Our realtor is hopeful that we'll sell for a good price and be under contract quickly, but God must orchestrate all of those details.  We're trusting that He will.  If He doesn't then we'll know we're to stay right where we are.  But, really, our house is awesome and we're certain someone else will come along to love it like we have for the last 2 years.  Fingers crossed and prayers being said that every little piece will fall into place and that we'll be moving in the next couple of months!