"I should not talk so much about myself if there were any body else whom I knew as well."
-Henry David Thoreau

Friday, August 11, 2017


Silly selfie after bath time
 Farmer's Market with Nonnie
Lunch at this cute little tea place off the Fayetteville square. 

 We were trying to take a selfie to send to Daddy.  This is as good as it got. 

Potty Training update!  Eleanor is slaying this whole potty thing.  She's totally rocking it.  Yesterday I put a pull up on her because I knew we'd be at the Farmer's Market a while and that a bathroom might not be close by.  I sought out places to take her, being overly cautious.  She did pee during one of those potty breaks and kept her pull up dry the entire time.  After nap she got to wear her new panties with Frozen characters on them.  She was thrilled!  No accidents all day!  So this morning I gave her the benefit of the doubt and we went to run errands without the security of a pull up.  Before we checked out at Walmart I took her to the potty and she went like she was a pro.  She stayed dry for our entire outing and has had no accidents so far today!  Where does that put us?  Two accidents in 5 days, I think.  I'd say she's got this!  One thing that I'm having to adjust to is that she doesn't need to go as often as I think she should.  Every 2-3 hours is plenty for her and she's having no trouble staying dry for that long.  Of course she still very much needs a diaper while she sleeps, but I think that part comes later.  Also, that will likely require that she be moved to a toddler bed so that she can get up in the night to potty as needed.  And we all know how fond I am of her being safely confined to her crib! 

Since all I seem to have to talk about is potty training and low carb diets, let's cover the low carb part of this post.  I've told you all how much better I feel since we've begun this diet, but I haven't been super specific about how exactly I feel better.  The main things for me are:

1. I feel less foggy and tired. 
2. I no longer feel bloated or experience that uncomfortable "full" feeling after eating.  My appetite is satisfied, but my belly is comfortable.
3. My mood has stabilized.   I'm a woman, so I'm probably going to always have some mood swings, but I've felt (and behaved) much more balanced. 
4.  My skin has cleared up.  I've had issues with cystic acne for a long time.  Not just the normal little pimples that most people get, but large, painful, hard bumps under the skin.  I've tried tons of topical stuff, cleaners, moisturizers, face creams, etc. and nothing has ever helped.  I haven't had a single one since we cut out all the grains and sugar from our diet. 
5. More skin stuff.  Off and on for years I have experienced itching.  I get itchy for no good reason.  Sometimes it's all over my body and very uncomfortable, but it gets especially bad on my face.  Sometimes so bad that any sort of moisturizer or cosmetic just burns.  It's impossible to not scratch or rub, but that just makes it worse.  It's not always visible to others, but if you look closely it is a slightly raised and splotchy rash.  While avoiding grain and sugar, my skin has stayed clear.  The first time we ate poorly I had a small break out, but nothing terrible.  I wasn't sure if it was the grain or sugar, since I ate both, so I just went back to the my new diet and things were fine. 

Until now.  Last Sunday Drew and I splurged and ordered a thin crust pizza.  I noticed that the next day my face was a bit irritated and my chest and neck were a little itchy, but it wasn't terrible so I brushed it off.  My belly felt fine.  Yesterday at lunch I had a sandwich.   I took the top slice of bread off, but I ate the bottom slice.  I didn't want to be rude by completely picking my food apart and it really was delicious, so I ate it.  Today I woke up with my face so irritated that I  couldn't tolerate to put make-up on.  My body is so itchy that I can hardly stand it.  It doesn't look like anything (except for where I've scratched myself red) on my body, but my face is irritated and red.  I can't say with certainty that it's the bread (on top of the pizza crust from a few days ago), but it's something and I don't like it.  I could shell out the cash to be tested for allergies and try to determine what's going on, or I could just avoid the thing that seems to be causing the problem.  So that's what I'm going to do.  Also, this is probably a decent time to publicly tell Misty that she was right.  When I was having a particularly bad flare of this about  4 years ago, she told me that I should remove wheat from my diet and see if that helped.  I scoffed at the very thought of a life without bread and pasta.  Turns out that maybe I could have been avoiding this for years with a really simple change of my diet. 
It's also worth noting that I've been a bit irritable and short with Eleanor this morning.  That could just be a random thing that happens, but it could be diet related.